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Guild Merge: Official Letter.

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Guild Merge: Official Letter.

Post  MrFadi on Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:58 am

Hello every one,

i had send email to every one about the merge thing and i am sorry to make this so fast but i forced to do it because simply the best option that we all join after the new epic and after next maintenance so making that longer should make it worst that it is.

I know some peoples start to flame at me but for god sake come on you should all understand what i was going through.

we are great guild, we had fun and fun and fun, we are all friends and we all respect and love each others and as i used to build this guild i never shout Fear Guild looking for more active members, i do it when we start the guild and i stop because we had 2 bad members first is xxgaxx the scammer and the other is perfectillustion, xxgaxx scammer and perfect is jerk so i did what i had to do with perfect and i guess every one was supporting me, i never treat any one as my follower, i never ignore any one and i never played the GOD leader so many as many many others guilds, we start the guild me and bucs and ruller and synak who never show up after he said he want to go to vacation and ruller had the first 3 weeks or maybe more in vacation, when he come back he did great job and now he is busy in his school, i pm few members to help me to manage this guild and get more peoples in it and the answer was no and i respect that because they said they can't do it and they will screw it, then we lost our almost all of our core members sadly some get scammed and some get pissed of taming or what ever and they quit so where are we now, the guild is dead, and i don't want to lose any one of you.

I WAS LUCKY TO HAVE EACH OF YOU IN THIS GUILD, it's a real family so keep this as it going will make it bad to all of us, i don't want any one to leave the guild so my last option was merging with another guild, i had review and looked for so many guilds and all the big guilds in the server, true enough that any guild we will merge in it and that other guild will raise it will be because of us, we are awesome and really great members, we all are core members and we all are brothers and sisters, we have so many r5 and so many r6 compared of how much members we have in the guild, we ar 31 members but we are real 31 great members so it was not like begging to others to merge with us or something like that.

i was really busy talking to others guild leaders and moderators about this and i had checked almost each good guild in the server and the last and best option was BladeNSoul with virus and isobella and vangar and the others cool peoples, i never met any jerk from them and the server really respect virus and isobella, the rules looks same but they are more easier than us, they have TS and they are active and they siege, so it was the best to merge with.

all what i had done because i want to keep this family together, i could just disband or give the lead of the guild for any one and i mean any one who even not member in the guild for more than 2 weeks or add any and give him lead but no i will not do that, so i take my responsibilites and did what i have to do, the timing was bad but it was the best option so we are all in after the maintenance and after the new epic so we are fresh and active again, and i hope peoples who quit or said they will come back after e7 they will follow us.

i don't want any one to be tough and hard, if u want to be that simply support in administrate the guild, we will be there all together again.

we will kick asses there again and we will raise together and have our guild dps and just we will do what we did when we started the guild, if all remember when we started this we was awesome, peoples was jelous because of us.

so here we go, register in forums and join the new guild, we are merging guys we are not following keep this in mind, but once we are there we should not act like x-fear and x-blade so we will be all in one big family again.

Blade is cool guild, and they have awesome members once we are there we are one of them and they are one of us.

any replies without any flames is cool, i don't want tough replies and no drama please.

go and register in the new guild.

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Re: Guild Merge: Official Letter.

Post  RullerOfDarkness on Fri Sep 10, 2010 6:30 am

Thnx fadi and you know that we always respect and support you in the thing you do for the guild!

Greetings Ruller


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Re: Guild Merge: Official Letter.

Post  BUCS on Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:27 pm

ey fadi,

This is realy good from u to do this. its realy illuminative.



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Re: Guild Merge: Official Letter.

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