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What is Fear Guild?, please read carefully

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What is Fear Guild?, please read carefully

Post  MrFadi on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:34 pm

Hello every one,

So here we go making new guild something new and unique in the Rappelz world, i assume that every one have the experience to join a guild before here in Rappelz, guilds raise up and fails but the guilds who raise up is only because of few key persons in the guild, so if few of those key persons left the guild or quit the game the guild fail, that what we trying to avoid in this guild, we all have our own voice and the right of speech, the leader chair is duty more than any thing else.
Main reasons to make this guild is to build a very strong brotherhood that i do believe it's more important than how much r7 or even r6 we have, peoples who is r6 and r7 was r1 one day before but sadly few peoples when they hit a very high level in this game take every thing personal and merge the RL with the game and think they are the GODS and others is slaves, that not we here in Fear.
More main reasons to make this guild is to give every one the chance to enjoy this game as much as he can, don't forget that we are in game, so get sad/mad from any one should not make you jerk/nerd/freak with him, it's a game and we are here all for you.
Very few peoples did really enjoy to be in good guild, sadly only 145+ players who can join guild DPs, i was in 2 great and respected strong guilds before.
What fun we are talking about here is #1 guilds DPs and #2 Guilds events and #3 is guild leading.
Many guilds if not all focus only on the peoples who are 145+ opinions and send others opinions to trash, and i know many peoples who are 16 years old can think better than 50 years old, i already know this kind of peoples in this game no need to say names.
So the Guild DPs what will make this really fun when u can start any DP with the guild and that what is happen in 145+ DPs they only make guilds DPs so every thing is solved and u don't have to fight with another childish peoples for the acts or leech or other noobie thins.
You should check the guild rules before deciding to join us i think they are cool and fit any one who want to be loyal.
If you want really to join this brotherhood we are happy for that but this is Main toons guild only, u are allowed to get only 1 alt for you and that should be level 60+ and you should level both toons.
As long it's brotherhood then we are all for all, the word that we should all know is: all for one, one for all. It's simple and i hope every one follow this otherwise it's not a brotherhood, and for this reason we will help killing the witch, hector 2 times each week, i can't give my word about ultimate witch because i can't solo it but will try to ask help from friends to do that.
Funny time is our target as we are playing a MMO, we will do our best to make this true, if u have any issue with any other peoples you can talk to any one if he have the time to listen to you and free time i mean as long you are not in dp, farming, doing something, and for me i am always here for every one.
War is our last choice, PK is the thing we feed from, PK have rules, don't ever smack and flame to any one in the guild or outside the guild, if any one was not satisfied because u pked him u can apologize for him, nothing bad in it but remember that, u the only one who will take the risks of pking others, refer to the guild rules about that.
So finally i hop you all guys have fun here, don't hide any thing inside you just tell what u have, if u don't want ask others to solve your issues.


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