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Fear Guild Rules

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Fear Guild Rules

Post  MrFadi on Thu Jun 24, 2010 11:43 pm

Hello all,

Please read carefully and follow the rules.

To join the guild you should be 60+, please note that you should hit 70 in one week maxed, the guild will help killing the witch 2 times each week, after that you will have 2 weeks to hit lvl 100, if you didn't hit the lvl in the time we are sorry to not accept you any more, we need active players.

Only main characters are allowed to join, no alt or witch quest toon can
join us.

Each member can add one more alt as long he will lvl it. He can't add the alt if his main is not r5 yet or his alt is under 60.

PK is allowed for fun but notice that it's forbidden only for reasonable reasons and outside pk spots "horizon north", pkingin dungeons and/or while peoples farming is not allowed, we don't need troubles and i don't see that pking others while they are outside the pking area is cool thing.

Again about the pking, if any one pked any guy in horizon and he smack talk to him he should not reply to him, he can tell he is sorry or something, u can't force peoples to be your toy.

If u pked any one more than one time and he was not cool with that or u don't have good reason for it u will get punished and kicked.

Leveling is should to be for every one, if u want to stop leveling or focus on another alt you should let us know that.

Joining your main and keep playing on alts all the time for the witch quest is not
allowed, the guild is not main toons park.

Guild dps is main reason to make this guild, if u have dp and have some extra spots before shouting ask in the guild chat who want to join, if u didn't do that for many times you are not part of the family, and you will be asked and reminded for that, if u keep doing this then we are sorry to not keep you with us.

If you have any troubles with any member of the guild, try not to make big drama about it, u can ask MrFadi or Ruller or BUCS or Synak to solve it for you.

PK parties, and guild dps don't mean you are strong and you are over every one, please try to calm down as much as u can and respect the others to gain the respect.

Fighting because of spots, farming areas, dungeons bosses is not allowed, if u first in the spot then try to defend it but don't be the first one to pkon u can't stand agains 8 peoples, try to let them turn pkon, as example if u was in pp and dping in harpy spot and went to taken and killed him and found other party taken your spot try to fix that if they didn't want to listen, don't be the first to turn pkon so that mean u don't go to a spot while other party is already there and ask for it, the dungeon is not for you, it's for every one.

This is a brotherhood, you all part in the one big family, try to protect it against every thing even from bad members in it, if u found any thing bad in it u have your tongue so use it and tell us.

All for
one, One for all

Greeting from Fadi.

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